Isnin, September 01, 2008

Horror Muvee..

Lock the doors. Assume you're safe.

The horrifying events that took place in the Hoyt family's vacation home at 1801 Clark Road on February 11, 2005, are still not entirely known.

Champagne. Rose petals. Candlelight. It was supposed to be a night of celebration for Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) and James Hoyt (Scott Speedman). But after leaving a friend's wedding reception and returning to the house, everything had collapsed for the happy couple.

Then came a 4 a.m. knock on the door and a haunting voice.

Is Tamara here? -

*why are the strangers attacking Kristen and James?

Because they were home. In other words, simply because they're psychopaths who attack people at random just for the fun of it.

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